30th november, 1st and 2nd december 2017 Hammamet  TUNISIA

Call for papers > Submission

The submission can be made exclusively via the site:  http://relif2017.sciencesconf.org

Type of submissions:

With regard to each of the levels highlighted previously, you can propose:

- A theoretical and/or empirical research paper. The submission must be scientifically rigorous, including the research context and aims, the theories evoked, the methodology of implementation and the main results obtained. The duration of the call is 20 minutes.

- A communication of the type "feedback" (of trainer / teacher-researcher, learner, coordinator, device manager, etc.) based on the analysis of a practice, innovation, learner observations, organized reflection on the functioning of a digital device, etc. Communications of this type must introduce the observation method, the results and perspectives. The duration of the call is 20 minutes.

Authors are asked to respect the following guidelines:

- Indicate the title of the communication.

- Provide a summary of the communication (4,000 to 5,000 words, including spaces) in which they must present the research framework (objective, theory, contextualization and research question), methodology and results (potentially expected).

- Statethe type of interrogation to be revealed in the communication (100 to 500 words)

- At least three bibliographical references (APA standards) to be included after the abstract part (not counted as signs). To guarantee anonymity, the bibliography must not contain any text signed or co-signed by any of the authors.

- Thematic axes (to choose from a drop-down menu).

- Keywords to facilitate attributing the proposed works to field’s experts and to link up with up-to-date research in education and training field at national or international level.

All submitted proposals will be double-blinded. The answers will be available on the website.

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